Tacoma Confidential: A True Story of Murder, Suicide, and a Police Chi.. πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

Synopsis: Gig Harbor, WA, a quiet Tacoma suburb, knew little of tragedy and scandalβ€”until April 26, 2003. On that day David Brame, distraught over his impending divorce, shot his wife to death in a busy public parking lot. Then, with the couple’s two children only feet away, he turned the gun on himself.

It was a horrific event, but Tacoma residents had special reason to be shocked. Many would have considered Brame their city’s least likely murderer. He was, after all, the chief of police. . . .

But as the investigation unfolded, another side of Brame and his marriage came to light. Bizarre behavior. Years of abuse. Liaisons with multiple partnersβ€”and constant death threats. Here, in chilling detail, is the full story of Gig Harbor’s most violent and disturbing crime, meticulously pieced together by an award-winning newsman. Every secret is revealedβ€”even the most confidential.

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Tacoma Confidential: A True Story of Murder, Suicide, and a Police Chi..

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