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As the police probe the deaths of a young married couple, detectives have revealed that 27-year-old Sasha Low-a-Chee sustained two gunshot wounds – one above her right eye and one to her abdomen – while her husband, 25-year-old Nicholas Low-a-Chee sustained a gunshot wound to his ride side temple.

The News Room understands that the bullet exited through the left side region of his ear. The bodies of the young couple were discovered at their Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara house early Tuesday by a relative. The relative was contacted by a brush cutter who turned up at the house to weed and suspected that something was amiss.

The News Room was reliably informed that a firearm was found at the scene of the crime and is registered to the father of Nicholas. The News Room also understands that the couple was last seen alive by neighbours at around 10:00hrs on January 2, 2022.

The couple’s house (Photo: News Room/January 4, 2022)

The suspected murder/suicide has left both families in a state of disbelief. As a matter of fact, the grief-stricken father of Sasha, Ricky Dass, told the News Room that he rang in New Year with the couple on Saturday in Diamond.

He last spoke to his daughter on Sunday afternoon. The distraught father said he did not know of any issues between the couple.

Nicholas was self-employed and did some farming. Sasha, a former teacher, assisted Nicholas with his business. The couple has been together since their high school days and only got married in August last year.

On his Facebook page, Nicholas posted a wedding photo with his wife on October 19, 2021 captioned β€œMy biggest blessing.”

One of Sasha’s last Facebook post on December 31, 2021 was β€œMay 2022 bless and cleanse some of y’all dutty black hearted minds and hearts !!!”

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Wife was shot twice, husband has bullet wound to head – Guyana Palace

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