Activists call for changes in how city of Huntsville handles officer murder case πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

HPD Officer David McCoy was charged with capital murder after an off-duty “incident.”

WAAY 31 is digging deeper into Huntsville Police Officer David McCoy’s arrest.

Two sources familiar with the state’s investigation say he shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend. Family identified the victim as 26-year-old Courtney Spraggins.

This is the second Huntsville Police officer to be charged with murder in recent years.

Right now, former Huntsville Police Officer William Darby is in state prison. He was sentenced and convicted last year for the murder of Jeffrey Parker during a suicide call in 2018.

It’s important to first point out that both of these cases are very different, and not connected at all.

Darby was on duty when he shot and killed Parker in 2018 while McCoy was off duty.

Still, community activists say they hope the city will treat McCoy’s case differently.

“It’s horrifying,” David Person with the Rosa Parks Committee for Huntsville and Madison County said. “It’s very concerning that a police officer is being accused of this crime. Someone who is supposed to be upholding the law.”

The organization has been very vocal on how Darby’s murder trial was handled, and now they hope McCoy’s isn’t treated the same way.

“The City of Huntsville provided support that seemed to go beyond what was customary. I’m assuming because they were taken the position that Mr. Darby was innocent,” Person explained.

The city paid $125,000 for Darby’s defense. Darby also collected thousands in tax payer dollars since he was kept on the city’s payroll after being charged and convicted of murder.

“After Mr. Darby was found guilty, the police chief and the mayor publicly disputed the findings of the jury with no grounds, with no evidence other than simply they believe that Mr. Darby was following policy,” Person said.

He now hopes the same doesn’t happen for Officer McCoy.

“I hope in this case the leadership in our city will just let the process play out and not try to influence or predetermine what the outcome is,” Person said.

He’s calling on investigators and the city to be more transparent about what’s happening in the case.

“It is our tax payer dollars that are funding the law enforcement process from start to finish. That includes the administration of these cases. So, absolutely, there should be transparency,” Person explained.

But overall, Person says he wants there to be justice for the family and victims.

“We certainly pray that this situation will be resolved in a way that is just and will ultimately create a heightened level of awareness of what has to be done to help police officers and their families in dealing with crisis,” Person said.

WAAY 31 reached out to the city to see how they plan to move forward with this case. We specifically asked whether they plan to pay for McCoy’s defense or schedule a disciplinary hearing to take him out of the city’s payroll before his trial. We’ll keep you posted on when we hear back.

WAAY 31 also learned city council members are expected to be briefed on the investigation and case tomorrow.

Activists call for changes in how city of Huntsville handles officer murder case

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