What Happened To Stuart Williamson? Murder Or Suicide πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

What Happened To Stuart Williamson? Murder Or Suicide – Diane Douglas Suspected Killer Revealed: Stuart Williamson, 56, was due to stand trial in April for the murder of Diane Douglas of Colton, near Norwich. Last November, detectives discovered Douglas’ body while searching the grounds of the property they shared in Colton, near Norwich. Williamson had been apprehended by police in Wales just days before. Officials acknowledge Diane was slain in December 2018, but Williamson pretended she was still alive at the time by sending texts to people using her phone. When her family eventually reported her missing last October, the inquiry began. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

What Happened To Stuart Williamson?

Stuart Williamson, of Barford Road Colton, was found dead in his cell at HMP Norwich on December 29, 2021, as per cops says. Apart from that, little information concerning his death has been released to the public media while the investigation is ongoing. He has been on remand since November, awaiting his preliminary hearing which was scheduled for later this year. After Doughlas relatives reported her missing on October 21, 2021, investigators from the Norwich and Suffolk Major Investigation Team dispatched a homicide investigation. Her family members informed the police that they haven’t seen her in a long time and that they haven’t spoken to her in years. After resuming efforts to contact her, her relatives reported her missing.

What happened to Diane Douglas Killer?

Estimates say Stuart Williamson was declared dead in his prison cell at about 17:00 GMT on December 29, 2021. He was suspected of assassinating his girlfriend and concealing her body in the garden. Nine days later, he was apprehended in Wales and transported to Norwich for questioning. Then on November 3 following extensive searches for Williamson’s home location, the remains of Daine Doughlas were discovered.

Analysts from the Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team chased across Meadow Farm and property on Barford Road in Colton during the chase. Cops conducted a forensic examination at the spot, which concentrated on a section of the nursery near a holiday home on the outskirts of the woodland. Douglas would have been 55 or 56 years old at the time of his death in 2018. A Home Office post mortem, on the other hand, was unable to establish the necessary conditions.

Cops are investigating the whole matter but the clear-cut solution does not come yet. Some people think he is the victim but there is no proof or evidence against him. Once they solve the whole mystery they will update this article till then follow this site to get the latest updates.

What Happened To Stuart Williamson? Murder Or Suicide

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