Kerala police to free ghost of colonial lingo from inquest of bodies 💥👩👩💥

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The word ‘pretha vicharana’ used by the state police to describe the inquest of a body will soon get salvation as the department has sought the government’s permission to purge it from the police lexicon. It cited that addressing a body as “pretham” (ghost/soul) is illogical as well as discourteous.

It will be replaced by ‘mrithadeha parisodhana’ that translates to examination of a body. The decision to write to the government regarding replacing the word was taken during a meeting of the ADGPs last week. “Pretha vicharana” is the word that’s often used in police records regarding examination of the body and the crime scene in cases related to unnatural deaths.

According to sources, one of the attendees told the meeting that “pretham” is the term used for soul/ghost, which has no physical or material reality, and “vicharana” meant trial. It was pointed out that a soul cannot be tried and the examination of the body is not a trial.

Instead, the term should be replaced with “mrithadeha parishodana” or “bhowthika sareera parishodhana” (both can be translated as examination of body). Finally, a consensus was reached and it was decided that “mrithadeha parishodhana” should be used as the alternative.

‘Cop terminology should remain people friendly’

Headquarters ADGP Manoj Abraham said the department’s proposal has been forwarded to the state government. “There was a demand to replace the term. We have forwarded our proposal bearing the
replacement,” he said. Former DGP A Hemachandran said it was a welcome move as the police terminology should remain people-friendly. “Using the term ‘mrithadeha parishodana’ instead of ‘pretha vicharana’shows respect to the body,” he said.

Kerala police to free ghost of colonial lingo from inquest of bodies

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