$5 Bunnings solution to annoying blinds problem

If you’re someone who gets annoyed at the gap between your roller blinds and the window frame, then you’re not alone.

Katie Pyke, of Launceston, Tasmania, recently had grey-coloured blinds installed on her living room windows, but there was just one problem – “the gap”.

But the crafty mother-of-four came up with a $5 Bunnings solution, saying it took her just two hours to fix.

“I was trying to think of a way to cover them and I wasn’t going to stop until I did,” she laughed, telling news.com.au.

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“I first thought about using metal. But that was too expensive, so I went to Bunnings and just had a look until I found something that suited.”

Ms Pyke used two PVC mouldings that cost her $10.60 ($5.30 each) for one window.

“I also used one tin of spray paint primer and that covered four mouldings which equalled two of my windows,” Ms Pyke said.

“The adhesive primer is $38.60 but I already had that at home and that would do probably six houses full of them.”

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However, there are cheaper options such as the Delux dura max also from Bunnings for $13.50.

Ms Pyke said to block the gaps she cut the PVC mouldings to the size of her window frames.

“I then used the adhesive primer and spray-painted them black,” she said.

“I then screwed them onto the window frames. I’m sure double-sided tape would work just as well too.”

She shared her affordable “hack” to the popular Facebook group, Bunnings Mums, Inspiration, Hacks, Tips And Tricks, adding that she is “so happy” with how it turned out.

“Just wanted to share a little hack I did with roller blinds. I didn’t like the little gap they leave either side so I did some thinking of how I could cover them without spending an arm and a leg,” she wrote in her post before detailing her method.

Ms Pyke’s post has been ‘liked’ more than 1500 times with hundreds of comments from fellow mums praising her “brilliant” idea.

“Now THIS is a hack!” one woman wrote.

“That is a very clever idea plus it would also keep the blinds neat,” a second person said.

“Well done, that’s always a problem with blinds,” another added, while a fourth commented: “Great idea. I hate the gaps too. Always feels like there is someone on the other side looking in.”

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