Australia news live: premier announces three-day lockdown for Brisbane as Queensland records more Covid cases

Importantly the message that Queensland has given is one I would emphasise as well, vaccinations are considered a critical reason to leave home. We would encourage all patients, subject to checking with their doctors, to continue with their vaccination program.

If you are in the Brisbane area, please continue with your vaccination program subject to your practice being in a position to do so. We understand that that is the case and if there were any interruptions we would provide that advice at this stage. As we speak I haven’t received any information.

I think it is very important to put this in context. We know how to do this. Australia has had 53 days with zero cases this year already. We know that around the world we are at almost half a million cases a day after having seen a peak and then a dip over much of the last two months, we are now seeing global cases rise again, particularly in Europe and eastern Europe.

And so this pandemic around the world at approximately half a million cases a day, continues to provide a global challenge on a scale we have not seen since World War II.

So against that background, the continued roll out adds to the protections. We know how the protect ourselves and to contain, but we can only be fully protected once we are vaccinated but also once the world is vaccinated. So it is a two-part process – at home and abroad.

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