Australia news LIVE: Scott Morrison announces ‘temporary COVID disaster payment’; Victoria records three new local COVID-19 cases

People will be able to apply from the payments from Centrelink from Monday using a similar process to the way that people apply for support for money after a bushfire or flood.

Greater Melbourne is currently listed as a coronavirus hotspot, meaning regional Victorians are excluded from the payment.

“We are using the disaster payment mechanism because of its agility and speed to be able to provide dignity and respect to those who have been impacted,” Emergency Services Minister David Littleproud said.

“Centrelink is ready to go and they will have their people ready to move on Tuesday morning so that these dollars can hit people’s accounts as quickly as possible.”

The Prime Minister says that either the Commonwealth will cover wages support for workers while the states provides money to business, or both jurisdictions can share the cost for both equally.

“What matters is that businesses get the support they need and households get the support they need and the politicians don’t need to have a discussion in public about how that is going to get done,” Mr Morrison said.

The details will be thrashed out at national cabinet tomorrow.

The PM kicked off his press conference on an optimistic note that’s a bit at odds with some of the more dour rhetoric out of the states and, at times, the federal government.

“We don’t have to fear this virus,” Mr Morrison says. “We haven’t got where we are till now by fearing this virus.”

Resilience and collaboration were instead the key messages.

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