Big change in new iPhone 13 rollout

Apple’s new iPhone 13 is facing a big issue that could lead to problems for those wanting one before Christmas.

Production of Apple’s new iPhone 13 is set to be slashed by up to 10 million units due to a global chip shortage that threatens to reduce the amount of devices available before Christmas.

According to reports, the technology giant has reportedly told manufacturing partners Broadcom and Texas Instruments that its initial target of producing 90 million iPhones in the last three months of the year had been reduced by 10 million units.

A global chip shortage is affecting all industries, and Apple relies on Texas Instruments for its display components and Broadcom for its wireless components.

It is believed one of the components from Texas affecting production of the iPhone 13 is the OLED display.

The shortage affected Apple’s share price in the US by as much as 1.6 per cent after its stock was up 6.6 per cent this year.

However, the shortage has not yet affected the availability of units in Australia.

According to Apple Australia’s website, purchasing the $1349 iPhone 13 in a 128GB (the smallest) capacity on Thursday for delivery would arrive between October 27 and November 11, but that can be expedited for $15.

The same product purchased on Thursday for pick-up would be available on Saturday.

However, larger versions of the iPhone 13 such as the 256GB and 528GB are available for delivery sooner than the 128GB.

Chip shortages also threaten to delay Apple’s production of its new Series 7 watch.

The new Series 7 watch is priced from $A599, while the larger screen (46mm) with 4G connectivity version will cost $A799.

The screen on Apple Watch Series 7 is 20 per cent bigger than the previous version and 50 per cent bigger than the Series 3.

Among the health tracking functions of the Series 7 watch is the ability to monitor blood oxygen.

“Measure your blood oxygen,” Apple wrote in its product description. “Your blood oxygen level is a key indicator of your overall wellness.

“It can help you understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen and the amount of oxygen delivered to your body. The remarkable sensor and app in Apple Watch Series 7 allow you to take on-demand readings of your blood oxygen as well as background readings.”

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