British man feared dead in terrorist hotel slaughter that killed dozens

A British man is reportedly among those killed after a deadly massacre left dozens dead at a hotel in Mozambique.

The brutal slaughter was started by terrorists in the northern town of Palma last week.

In savage scenes of the carnage, witnesses described bodies in the streets, some of them having been beheaded.

While the exact number of people injured or killed in the four-day assault has not been confirmed officials said dozens had died in the attack.

The Times is reporting that an unnamed British contractor was among those killed in the violence.

Survivors reportedly said the man was a passenger in a convoy of vehicles attempting to flee Amarula Lodge as jihadists closed in. The man has not been named.

A spokesperson for the country’s defence and security forces said the death toll was in the dozens, and included at least seven in a convoy that was ambushed during an escape bid.

They were fleeing the Amarula hotel at the time of the bloodshed. Hundreds of others, both locals and expats, have been rescued from the town.

Mozambique hotel attack survivors were shipped out
Survivors of the siege were shipped out yesterday

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph reports that one man, named locally as Philip Mawer, was also among thousands of expats caught up in the deadly attack on Wednesday, and remains missing.

Mr Mawer, believed to be in his 50s, worked as the Mozambique country manager for RA International, which provides accommodation and other logistics for expat workers.

The paper reports that he was understood to be with about 200 other expats at Palma’s Amarula Lodge hotel, from where a convoy of around 17 vehicles made an escape run on Friday that ran into militant ambushes.

He was not identified by the firm by name, but it was confirmed it was still trying to locate one of its British employees.

Philip Mawer
Philip Mawer who is believed missing

The company reportedly said: “Our last communication with him was on Friday afternoon after which he was part of a convoy of vehicles that left the Amarula Lodge later that day.

“We understand that this convoy came under attack and that at least one of the vehicles was involved in a serious traffic accident. There are conflicting accounts of what exactly transpired, and we are working tirelessly to corroborate these accounts…Our prayers and thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.”

Philip Mawer is the Country Manager for Mozambique, and has more than 20 years of senior management experience in ‘challenging environments’ across Africa and the Middle East.

During the attack another man, Adrian Nel, 40, was gunned down while trying to escape the hotel.

Images of the scene of the attack on social media
Images of the scene of the attack appeared on social media

Images of the scene of the attack on social media
No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack

His mum, Meryl Knox, said Adrian was with his dad and younger brother when he was killed by what was believed to be Islamic insurgents.

More than a thousand people fleeing the attack are now arriving by boat in the port city of Pemba.

Defence ministry spokesperson Omar Saranga said the security forces were seeking to “eliminate some pockets of resistance” after spending the past three days focusing on rescuing local and foreign citizens.

It has not specified the name of the group and there has been no claim of responsibility.

The province of Cabo Delgado, where the town is located, has since 2017 been the target of Islamist insurgency linked to Islamic State.

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