Buttigieg falls behind Bernie Sanders in new poll as surprise twist shows Amy Klobuchar in THIRD

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Pete Buttigieg has fallen behind Bernie Sanders in the latest New Hampshire polls and, in a surprise twist, Amy Klobuchar has moved up to third place as the Democratic disarray has leaders fearing it’s Donald Trump who could emerge the real victor in the end. 

A new dynamic has appeared in New Hampshire in the 24 hours ahead of its crucial primary: Klobuchar, coming off a strong debate performance Friday night, has burst ahead of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in two polls. 

The Minnesota senator moved up in a Suffolk University/Boston Globe/WBZ  and an Emerson poll – both of which also showed Sanders solidifying his lead over Buttigieg.

The polls also show a third of New Hampshire voters remain undecided, making the last 24 hours in the state crucial for the candidates ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

In a surprise twist, Amy Klobuchar has moved to third place in latest New Hampshire polls

In a surprise twist, Amy Klobuchar has moved to third place in latest New Hampshire polls

Pete Buttigieg has fallen behind Bernie Sanders

Pete Buttigieg has fallen behind Bernie Sanders

Candidates are spending the day racing across the state and planing big close out rallies on Monday night before voters head to the polls.

And voters are making the rounds to check out the candidates. 

Buttigieg, Sanders and Klobuchar’s campaigns have all been bragging about record crowd size in the state:  1,800 people turned out to Butigieg’s town hall meeting in Nashua and 1,113 were in Dover; while Sanders had 1,981 attendees at a Keene rally; and Klobuchar saw 1,100 at her Sunday rally. 

But the chaos of Iowa’s caucuses and the infighting among the Democratic candidates in New Hampshire has sparked fears Trump could come out of a wounded Democratic primary stronger than ever headed into the November election.

The winnowing of candidates Democratic party elders had hoped for has not happened as no clearer winner emerged from Iowa.

Additionally Biden, who many privately saw as the strongest challenger to the president, has had a poor showing. 

The former vice president came in fourth in the Iowa delegate count – although many major news outlets have yet to call that contest given the counting problems after an app failed – and Biden is showing a steady fourth in New Hampshire polls.

On top of all of this, the president is swooping into Manchester on Monday night to hold a rally ahead of the Tuesday’s vote.

And he was trolling the Democrats via Twitter Monday morning.

‘Will be in Manchester, New Hampshire, tonight for a big Rally. Want to shake up the Dems a little bit – they have a really boring deal going on,’ he wrote.  

Donald Trump was trolling Democrats Monday morning ahead of his New Hampshire rally that night

Donald Trump was trolling Democrats Monday morning ahead of his New Hampshire rally that night


He will hold his rally at the same arena New Hampshire Democrats welcomed their presidential contenders on Saturday night at a party gathering where Sanders’ supporters booed Buttigieg and Biden’s section of support was noticeably small. 

Democrats have vowed to unify around their eventual nominee.

‘I know no matter who wins the Democratic nomination we are going to come together to defeat the most danger president in the history of country,’ Sanders said Saturday night. 

‘Look, the thing that changes this election is, everybody in the Democratic Party is united on one thing. You have to beat Donald Trump,’ Biden told ABC’s ‘This Week’ on Sunday. 

Butigieg and Sanders attacked each other directly on Sunday as they criss crossed the state. 

‘I’m running against some guys, Pete Buttigieg, who have raised campaign funds from over 40 billionaires,’ Sanders, 78, told a crowd of nearly 600 supporters in Hanover, repeating his criticism of the former mayor’s donors that he’s been using for the past week. 

It’s a charge his supporters have taken up. At a Democratic Party event in Manchester Friday night, Sanders supporters booed Buttigieg, 38, during his remarks and blasted him as ‘Wall Street Pete.’

Five new polls out on Sunday showed Sanders leading Buttigieg in the state: by 7 points in a CNN poll; 3 points in a Boston Herald poll; 2 points in a Boston Globe poll; 10 points in an Emerson University poll and 4 points in a CBS News poll. 

And Buttigieg also attacked Sanders by name when he was on the stump. 

The former mayor of South Bend attacked Sanders for his talk of a ‘revolution,’ saying most people don’t share that vision. 

‘I respect Senator Sanders, but when I hear this message go out that you’re either for a revolution or you got to be for the status quo, that’s a vision of the county that doesn’t have room for most of us,’ Buttigieg said.

He also criticized Sanders’ Medicare-for-All universal healthcare plan. 

‘What we could do without is a plan so expensive that Senator Sanders himself freely admits he has no idea how it’s supposed to be paid for,’ he said.     

Buttigieg also drew fire from Klobuchar and Biden about his lack of experience – he has never held national office – but he has fought back by arguing ‘mayors get things done.’

Biden launched a vicious attack on Buttigieg over the weekend.  

‘I do believe we’re a party at risk if we nominate someone who’s never held an office higher than mayor of South Bend, Indiana,’ the former vice president told a crowd at the Rex Theatre in Manchester Saturday afternoon. 

Bernie Sanders is leading almost all polls in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders is leading almost all polls in New Hampshire

Joe Biden has dropped to fourth place

Joe Biden has dropped to fourth place

And at an event later in the day he said of Buttigieg, ‘This guy’s not a Barack Obama.’   

And his new ad, which put the two candidates’ records side-by-side, was tougher on Buttigieg than the digs Biden deployed onstage. The campaign has been pushing the ad on social media, where it’s racked up $2.7 million views on Twitter and 69,000 views on Facebook. 

While Biden helped get the Affordable Care Act passed giving healthcare to 20 million Americans, the ad boasted, Buttigieg ‘installed decorative lights under bridges giving citizens of South Bend colorfully illuminated rivers.’

And while Biden saved the auto industry after the 2008 crash, the spot said, Buttigieg ‘revitalized the sidewalks of downtown South Bend by laying out decorative brick.’ 

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