Cancer con woman Hanna Dickinson jailed again for shameless new lie

A woman who faked cancer to get money from kind-hearted friends and family will spend more time in jail after she was caught lying again.

A serial conwoman who once faked cancer to get money out of her friends and family has been hit with more jail over a shameless new lie.

Hanna Dickinson, 28, was sentenced to four months in prison in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to making a false document.

She logged onto a work computer and faked a reference from her manager, which was used in court without the knowledge of her unwitting employer, aged and disability support service HenderCare.

Dickinson’s manager had no idea that a reference with her name on it was used in a Magistrates Court plea on February 26 last year.

The fake reference was used in the court plea after Dickinson was caught engaging in identity theft to get a car loan.

Dickinson appeared in court on Thursday over videolink from prison, wearing a blue jumper, thin-rimmed glasses and a face mask with her blonde hair pulled into a ponytail, and took notes throughout the hearing.

She nodded in agreement as her lawyer Felicity Fox explained she was working with infants of other inmates in prison and had voluntarily undergone isolation to work with infants during Covid times.

Her lawyer claimed this demonstrated her “human empathy” and “compassion”.

Dickinson is serving a sentence of 12 months prison for falsely telling Centrelink she had cancer and claiming over $100,000 through the disability support pension.

She was previously sentenced in 2018 to a two-year community corrections order for fundraising $41,770 from friends and family who believed the money would be spent on lifesaving cancer treatments.

Dickinson did not have cancer and spent the money on holidays and partying.

She was also fined $1500 on Thursday after pleading guilty to a fresh fraud charge for using a then-friend’s email to purchase an iPhone contract worth $2568 in November 2018.

Previous court hearings have heard that Dickinson has traits of narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.

She first began stealing from her parents at age 12 to buy things for school peers in an attempt to ingratiate herself after she was severely bullied for her weight, she previously told a court-appointed psychologist.

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