Coronavirus live news: global infections near 40m as US Covid cases rise in all but two states

Italy introduces new restrictions; Trump holds Nevada rally; South African health minister tests positive. Follow the latest updates

  • Europe’s Covid fight takes a turn for the worse
  • Police disperse drinkers protesting against tier 2 rules in London
  • US records highest daily coronavirus case total since July
  • US coronavirus cases surge in most states
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12.46am BST

Trump then says the Biden family is a “criminal enterprise”.

Biden is gone, Biden is “gonezo” he says.

In 2019, GovTrack, a non-partisan organization that tracks bills in Congress, rankedHarris as the “most liberal compared to All Senators.” One measure the organization uses is comparing how many bipartisan bills each senator cosponsors to how many bills they co-sponsored in total. Harris had the lowest at 15% in 2019.

During her primary run, Harris eventually disagreed with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on whether private health insurance should play a role in Medicare for All, a bill that Harris originally co-sponsored.

12.43am BST

Trump mocked Joe Biden for listening to scientists. He puts on a funny voice and says, “He’ll listen to the scientists.”

He claims falsely that Democrats are keeping states closed “to hurt us.”

Trump mocks Biden for pledging to listen to scientists. Watch this clip and ask yourself if Trump was trying to kill Americans by infecting them with coronavirus, how would it sound different?

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