Eddie’s disgust over AFL coach’s incident

Cats coach Chris Scott is fuming after an exchange with rival spectators. Eddie McGuire says the “ridiculous” incident should never happen again.

Geelong cemented themselves in third place on the ladder after a solid 17.10 (112) – 14.7 (91) win over Port Adelaide on Thursday night, but it was a strange moment off the field that stole the limelight.

Cats coach Chris Scott was making his way down to the ground at the Adelaide Oval at three quarter time, when the cameras captured him seemingly exchanging words with a fan.

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It’s not the first time the 45-year-old has come under fire this season.

Earlier this season, Scott copped a $10,000 fine for an altercation with a number of Brisbane Lions players.

The one-time Premiership winning coach cleared up exactly what happened between the fan and himself after the Cats’ victory.

“I tripped on someone’s leg. I said to the security guard did he trip me or do you need to make sure that legs aren’t popping out. It was probably an accident, I’m not sure,” he said.

“Strange situation given the circumstances and the meticulous way in which the South Australian government has looked after us over the last 24 hours that we’re still walking in that close proximity where people are actually brushing past us in the crowd.

“Again, you can come up with a million examples of things that don’t make much sense but we should just focus on trying to jump into line and provide a good example to the rest of the public because its been a hard 18 months and with a bit of luck and a bit of hard work we can get through this last little bit and move on with our lives.”

Never short of weighing in on controversy within AFL, former Collingwood president Eddie McGuire provided a damning assessment of the Adelaide Oval security after the game and emphasised the need for some sort of protective glass for the coaches.

“I’ve been having this blue for 20 years. I don’t want to pick a fight with the Port Adelaide fans, but for years we fought to get perspex put up at the old football park … the officials of the away club were too close to a hostile environment,” McGuire told Fox Footy.

“They’ve built this place – you can’t have coaches walking through the crowd, for everyone’s sake. They have to fix it, it’s as simple as that.

“You can’t expect everyone to be alright … there’s only one way to get this fixed: Make it not happen. Get a lift or whatever the case may be, but you cannot have the coach walking through the crowd if you’re the away coach. Fix it.

“That is ridiculous in any stadium in the world. This is a great stadium so I’m at pains to say this.”

Scott was in full agreement with McGuire’s take when quizzed about the prospect of protective glass.

“In the most respectful terms possible – when you have a stadium of this quality renovated and to overlook the fact that the coaches still have to walk through the crowd is a little bit silly,” he said.

“Especially in the circumstances that we’re in at the moment.

“Can I say in all sincerity though, post-game the Port Adelaide supporters were very sincere.”

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