Hit Channel 9 show coming to an end

After five seasons, beloved TV show Doctor Doctor is coming to an end.

The news that the current fifth season of the popular Aussie drama will be its last has been confirmed by Channel 9.

Media writer Colin Vickery took to Twitter to share Channel 9’s statement which read: “All journeys have a destination, and after five seasons it’s finally crunch time in Hugh’s rollercoaster search for redemption and love. We are thrilled to bring the story to a fitting climax in a way that honours the characters.”

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The show, filmed in Mudgee, NSW, features Rodger Corser in the lead role as Dr Hugh Knight and has delivered on ratings throughout its five seasons.

Corser also took to Instagram to comment on the news.

“We kind of hinted at the start of the season but now the cat is truly outa the bag … After five amazing years it’s with much joy and sadness we say goodbye to the town of Whyhope,” Corser wrote.

“Joy from all the great memories and sadness that all good things must come to an end. Though we feel so lucky to go out as we wished … with a truly satisfying final act and ending to our story.”

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The 48-year-old went on to tease the rest of series five.

“Will Hugh finally find happiness and will that be a new life in the big smoke or perhaps not? Thank you to all our loyal viewers we couldn’t have got here without you from your friends in Whyhope.”

He also shared a teaser video for the next two upcoming episodes which will be the show’s last and it looks like lots more drama is yet to come.

Hugh seems set on a move to Sydney with new love interest Sharna, but fans will be wondering whether he and Penny will get their happily ever after.

According to TV Blackbox, the May 26 episode of the show secured a national average consolidated audience of 784,000.

Doctor Doctor’s cast also features Tina Bursill, Ryan Johnson, Nicole da Silva, Matt Castley, Chloe Bayliss, Charles Wu, Belinda Bromilow and Hayley McElhinney.

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