‘I Should’ve Worn A Mask’: Today Show Host Forced To Explain Croaky Voice And Sore Throat On Live TV

The ‘Today’ show’s news and sports presenter Alex Cullen was forced to explain the source of his croaky voice while on air on Monday morning.

The television star began a news bulletin about the latest coronavirus figures with an unmissable crackle in his delivery, prompting host Karl Stefanovic to intervene and ask his co-star for an explanation.

“Excuse my voice please, folks,” said Alex, to which Stefanovic responded, “Can you explain it because people at home might be concerned about you?”

The presenter explained he had been sanding some freshly painted walls over the weekend and admitted he could have protected his face better from the flying “particles”. 

“I was breathing it in. I should have worn a mask,” he said. “I do normally but I was in a bit of a rush.”

When asked if his throat was sore, Alex admitted, “it is a bit” and that he was “coughing and carrying on on the Saturday night”.

“It will come good, don’t worry,” he said, adding that it is not coronavirus. 

Watch the clip below: 

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