Insane moment carpark floods in minutes

Remarkable footage has emerged of just how quickly a Victorian hotel parking garage was filled with water during the flood emergency.

Fifteen minutes is all it took for a parking garage in eastern Victoria to fill with floodwater after a local creek burst it banks on Thursday.

Remarkable CCTV footage captured the moment the hotel carpark in Traralgon became flooded after wild storms and heavy rain lashed the state on Wednesday night.

The footage, posted by 7 News, showed the garage started to fill at 7.11am on Thursday, and by 7.26am the water was lapping at the roof.

Two utes parked in the garage were washed away as the ferocious force of the Traralgon Creek floodwater swept through the town.

More than 200 homes in Traralgon, about 161km east of Melbourne, were evacuated on Thursday after the Traralgon Creek bust its banks and inundated the town.

The evacuation order for areas near the Traralgon Creek has since been removed, but a moderate flood warning remains in place with the water height now 4.7m and falling.

The creek peaked at 5.76m about 9am on Thursday, well above the major flood level of 4.8m.

The creek is expected to fall below the minor flood level of 3.5m on Friday morning.

The weather bureau said since 9am on Wednesday more than 255mm of rain had fallen in the Traralgon Creek catchment, with a further 5mm to 25mm expected from late Friday into Saturday.

Meteorologist Chris Arvier said the heavy rainfall had led to major flooding across the state.

He said the conditions had generally eased since Thursday morning.

“The floods, though, do continue,” he said.

“It does take a bit of time for that heavy rain to move down into the river catchments.”

But Mr Arvier said some showers and a “slight risk” of thunderstorms in far East Gippsland would return on Friday.

“On Friday night we’ll see the rain start to increase again and that’s as that lower deepens again off the southeast Australian coastline, and we’re going to see some heavier rain build overnight and continue during Saturday morning,” he said.

“The rain will be right throughout Gippsland, we’re probably looking at widespread totals of 10mm to 20mm with heavier totals of 30mm to 50mm falling across south Gippsland.

“This will include some of the catchments that have already experienced some riverine flooding.

“But these totals are significantly less than what we have seen over the last two days, although given those catchments are quite wet at the moment it is likely to impact on those weather levels.”

Major flood warnings remain in place for the Thomson and Yarra rivers, with moderate flood warnings for the Latrobe, Mitchell and Werribee rivers and the Traralgon Creek.

Minor flood warnings are in place for the Avon, Bunyip and Snowy rivers and the Dandenong Creek and Gippsland Lakes, while final flood warnings have been issued for the Goulburn, Macalister and Maribyrnong rivers.

Authorities have warned the floodwater is “toxic” and urged people never to play or swim in floodwater.

“Floodwater is dangerous – never drive, walk or ride through floodwater,” Vic Emergency said.

“If floodwater enters your home or you become isolated, move to higher ground by stepping on top of tables, chairs, benches and beds.”

The State Emergency Service has received almost 6000 calls for help, mostly for fallen trees, building and flood damage, since Wednesday evening.

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