Inside Ashley Judd’s Congo nightmare: ‘Text no parent wants’

Ashley Judd has shed more insight into her traumatising ordeal after breaking her leg in four places in a jungle in Africa.

The 52-year-old actress shattered her leg after tripping over a fallen tree in a remote part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) two weeks ago.

The rescue operation to get her to an ICU unit in South Africa took 55 hours.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Judd revealed she had since returned to the US as she further detailed the nightmare situation.

She said she finally arrived at the hospital in Johannesberg, South Africa in “terrible shape”, and that her leg had “no pulse”. She also added the hospital was overrun with the COVID B.1.351 strain currently plaguing South Africa.

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“I desperately needed a blood transfusion. Their sisters (nurses) are exemplary, technically top notch, and they cared for the trauma in my body as well as my soul with equal proficiency,” Judd wrote.

Judd also revealed the horrifying text her father, Michael Ciminella, received when she was hurt.

“My beloved Dad, who had gotten the text no parent ever wants: “emergency, can’t answer questions, please come now,” had indeed, because he is vaccinated, been able to come to South Africa,” Judd wrote. “He has been my rock, companion, resource, helped me listen to so many doctors, critical support system, and kind, loving presence as I have wept and wept.”

Judd and her father then took four flights totalling 22 hours, including an Air Ambulance at one point, back to the US so the star could undergo an eight-hour surgery.

“In an American hospital, I had to continue to wait for the tissue damage and swelling to reduce. Eventually I was qualified to have the 8-hour surgery to repair the bones, decompress the haemorrhaging nerve and pick the shards of bones out of the nerve. I am now recovering from surgery,” Judd added.

Media reports suggested the Double Jeopardy actress travels to the Congo about twice a year because her “life partner” runs a research camp there, however details surrounding her relationship status are currently unclear.

Judd was previously married to British race car driver, Dario Franchitti, for more than 10 years between 2001 to 2013.

She was also linked to Matthew McConaughey and Robert DeNiro at one point.

Speaking toThe New York Timesvia Instagram Live last week, Judd thanked her rescuers who supported her through the ordeal. Her interviewer remarked that she could’ve lost her leg.

She said she endured “five hours of lying on the forest floor” until she was able to be evacuated.

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