Letter: Editorial cartoons show disdain for President Joe Biden

Each morning, of late, when I turn to the editorial page of the World, I am usually confronted with thoughtful, insightful op-eds and letters from diverse points of view.

Not so with the daily editorial cartoons, which seem to take misinformation about and disdain for President Joe Biden to new lows.

The latest, depicting a leering Biden scribbling on a large sheet of paper, is captioned “Middle East Policy.” It makes me wonder how such a misguided and highly partisan message could appear in the same publication that reports on the progress just made in that part of the world, with Biden playing a significant role in the negotiations.

It also makes me wonder what the editors think the demographics of its readership are.

I suspect there is a good incidence of moderate to left-leaning readers in its circulation who do not appreciate far right satire.

If the point of the cartoons was legitimate and actually reflected real events, it might be one thing. But messages that would be better suited for a right-wing partisan medium just don’t make sense or fit.

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