Mum’s sick search before baby’s death

Joslynn Graham allegedly searched online for “ways to get rid of your child” weeks before her baby daughter died in the family home.

A woman allegedly searched online how to “get rid” of your child before being charged with her baby girl’s death, a US court has heard.

Joslynn Graham, from Illinois, has been charged with first-degree murder following the death of her five-month-old daughter, Emery Jean Lyons.

The baby died on Thursday, October 7, of blunt force trauma in the family home.

One of the infant’s parents called emergency services, who found the child unresponsive upon arrival and rushed her to a nearby hospital.

Tragically, the little girl could not be saved, and Ms Graham was arrested on Saturday morning.

During Ms Graham’s bond hearing this week, prosecutors claimed evidence taken from the 23-year-old’s phone showed she had searched “ways to get rid of your child” multiple times before the baby’s death.

Witnesses also reported the mother had on occasion “expressed frustration with the child”, and the autopsy revealed multiple contusions to the girl’s head and face.

According to local news outlet Week 25, Ms Graham’s alleged internet searches will likely be a focus of the case.

A GoFundMe page has been established to support Emery’s father, Cody, and help cover the funeral costs.

“On October 7 the unthinkable happened and Cody’s baby girl went to heaven,” the page, created by Cody Lyons’ aunt, Candace Burdette, reads.

“The unexpected and tragic death of Emery has left Cody to plan a funeral and services for his baby girl alone.

“He will need assistance not only with the services but with living expenses for himself during this time as he is not able to return to work just yet.

“If you are able to give anything Cody will greatly appreciate it. If you are not in a place to make a monetary donation, please add baby Emery, Cody and their families to your list of prayers, they certainly need them.”

The GoFundMe has raised more than $US1500 ($A2033) so far, with those donating offering their condolences and expressing their shock at the tragedy.

In an update, Ms Burdette shared her heartbreak.

“I pray that Emery didn’t feel any pain, I pray this is all an accident and that she wasn’t murdered at five months old, I pray that someone that she counted on to care for and love her was not the one to hurt her, I pray that the detectives have it all wrong and that the truth (whatever it may be) comes out about what happened in the last days of her life,” she wrote.

“I don’t claim to know the truth and I certainly don’t know what went on those last hours, minutes and seconds of her life.

“I just know that right now there is a baby laying at a funeral home that needs to be laid to rest, there is a father who needs to make these arrangements, there is a father that is not working as of yet and not sure when he can return to work as this is just un imaginable pain that I can’t even pretend to know how he feels.”

Ms Graham is expected to plead not guilty, and remain in custody on a $US1 million ($A1.35 million) bond.

If found guilty, Ms Graham faces up to 60 years behind bars.

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