Outrage over MP’s ‘support’ after sex scandal

A female member of the Morrison government has said she “feels bad” for a male staffer who was sacked for performing a lewd sex act in Parliament House, prompting an outrage on social media.

The Liberal staffer was fired on Monday after filming himself performing the solo act on the desk of a female MP in shocking revelations aired by Channel 10.

The footage was reportedly shared with a group of Coalition staffers who filmed themselves committing indecent acts inside Parliament House.

On Monday morning, Assistant Minister for Children and Families Michelle Landry said the “young fellow” at the centre of the claims was a “good worker” who “loved the place”.

“I feel bad for him about this,” she said.

“But it’s unacceptable behaviour by anyone and it should not happen in workplaces like this.”

Labor senator Kristina Keneally gave a fiery response during a press conference.

“How about feeling bad for the cleaners who had to come in and clean up after that disgusting mess?” she said.

“How about feeling bad for a female MP whose desk was disrespected?”

Nationals senator Matt Canavan said there “must be consequences” for anyone involved but said the men needed support.

“They have made shocking mistakes that they will pay a heavy price for, but I don’t want to see them ostracised or banished from society,” he told Sky News.

“They need to be supported, too, and hopefully learn from their mistakes and get on with their lives.”

Twitter users were quick to slam both Ms Landry and Mr Canavan’s response.

One user asked why Mr Canavan wouldn’t condemn this “appalling behaviour”.

“What would Matt say if it was his wife or daughter?” another asked.

“His response is as sick as hers! Tells you a lot about each person,” another Twitter user said.

“LOL, is there any reason why you wouldn’t condemn the person as a human being?” one said.

Liberal Industry Minister Karen Andrews said she’d had a “gutful” of disrespect and poor treatment of women in parliament and other workplaces.

“Continuing the way we have, to attract women, has clearly not been anywhere near as successful as it needs to be,” she told ABC.

Meanwhile, other MPs have been quick to call on politicians and staffers committing lewd acts within Parliament House to be outed to clean up the building’s “toxic” culture.

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