Qld election 2020 LIVE updates: Poll Call day fourteen

While it sounds counterintuitive to people not neck-deep in politics to launch your campaign after the election campaign has started, the official launches function as a boost and focus to the campaign efforts, and as such can be held as late as the final few days of an election campaign.

The fact that both parties are holding their official launches so far out is an indication of the changed playing field, with over a third of Queenslanders expected to vote early in the election as early ballots can be cast from today.

It comes as a new report shows Queensland’s economy is struggling as a result of the pandemic, and the strong measures put in place to halt the spread of the virus.

Both major parties are expected to campaign in the southeast this morning, before again jetting off to the regions to target vulnerable seats or shore them up respectively.

Stick with us today for all the latest on day 14 of the the campaign trail.

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