Sad event after mum allegedly stabbed son

A man allegedly stabbed by his own mother in a Sydney mansion was involved in an incident a month later where things ‘escalated out of control’.

Hugo Ball, who was allegedly stabbed by his mother Samantha Palmer at their Bellevue Hills mansion in November, has escaped a conviction over damaging window shutters in a rampage at his father’s house.

The Downing Centre Local Court heard on Wednesday morning that Ian Ball had never wanted his son to face a criminal charge over the incident, but rather had called authorities in a bid for medical help.

Mr Ball, 23, pleaded guilty to one charge of domestic violence related property damage over the incident on December 27, 2020.

He sat in court wearing a navy jacket, tan slacks and black runners as his lawyer, Alicia Catron, told Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane Mottley that he was remorseful.

Ms Catron said Mr Ball faced a “somewhat unique set of circumstances” following the “very well publicised incident with his mother that involved him being stabbed” on November 12.

Ms Palmer is on bail, charged with wounding her son, and her matter will be heard in court next Thursday.

Ms Catron said Mr Ball was struggling to come to terms with the event itself and the resulting media glare.

She said the incident had derailed Mr Ball’s rehabilitation for a drug use disorder and “to his credit” he had since sought significant medical help.

He also had other conditions, she said.

According to agreed facts tendered in court, he was living with his father at the time of the December 27 incident, when a dispute over his prescription medication boiled over.

An unhappy Mr Ball sent his father a barrage of texts and declared he was coming over to get leftover medication, which he did not have at the house, the facts state.

Mr Ball arrived at the house about 9am and “began aggressively banging and shouting at the front door” of the Paddington home.

“The accused went up to the shutters on the front window of (the house) and has damaged several of these which has caused them to snap off and has rendered them unfit for purpose.”

His father then called police and Mr Ball was arrested and interviewed at the station, where he replied “no comment” to most questions.

He later told police he had been struggling with “physical and mental withdrawals” from the medication, affecting his mental clarity, and the damage may have occurred in this context.

Magistrate Mottley said Mr Ball’s actions were not a serious example of a domestic violence offence and ordered no conviction be recorded.

She noted it was “quite clear” Ian Ball was concerned about his son’s wellbeing and rang police for that reason, after which “events escalated out of his control” and the charge was filed.

She also said the window shutters damaged did not appear to be of great value.

She put an apprehended violence order in place for two years, but told Mr Ball it placed him under “no greater burdens than simply obeying the law” by not assaulting or threatening his father or damaging his property.

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