Second house being given away by developer, after first cottage finds new family

The first home to be given away for free by Faisandier Group has found a new home.


The first home to be given away for free by Faisandier Group has found a new home.

The tidy two-bedroom house being given away for free after developers bought the Lower Hutt section it sits on, has found a new home and family.

Former owner Benjamin Johnson said the building had found new owners and will be removed to its new site in March. Now, he is giving away a second home, which is also on land owned by the developers.

“Our lovely little two-bedroom house has found a wonderful new home and family – yay!” Johnson wrote in a post on Facebook.

“We now have a second house in Naenae to give away freely on behalf of the developers, Faisandier Group. Same conditions as before.”

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The second house – one of four sitting on the parcel of four sections bought by Faisandier for a new medium density development – is considerably larger than Johnson’s two-bed cottage.

A four-bed bungalow, the house is 130sqm with two reception rooms, a bathroom and ensuite, its size and shape means the home will have to be split in half to move, so will cost considerably more to move than the first free house.

A second house is being given away in Naenae, Lower Hutt.


A second house is being given away in Naenae, Lower Hutt.

Johnson said: “It’s also an opportunity to hold the speculative market to account and change the culture around development in New Zealand to ensure no quality usable homes are wasted.”

He estimated the cost would be more than $100,000 to relocate the building.

“It’s another wonderful home,” Johnson wrote in his post. “The original portion of the house is timber weatherboards and solid bones. The back addition is less than 20 years old and timber weatherboards to match the original.”

Despite the additional costs and size issues, the same strict criteria for claiming the first home applies: The home must be moved off site by March 26 and prospective owners will need to prove they can do that, and have somewhere to put it, before they can claim it.

The developer waives any fees or price for the building in lieu of a donation to Te Omanga Hospice.

Johnson, who is founder of the Wellington The Free Store, said he wanted to make the giveaways happen because has “a bit of a history ensuring that things that are fit for use, whether that is food or clothing or in this case a house, gets utilised, rather than being wasted”.

He describes the second giveaway home as “well maintained by the owner-occupier over the years”.

For more information, drop Johnson a line at [email protected]

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