Anti-vaxxer’s response to cafe fury

An anti-vaxxer who launched a tirade against a Sydney barista has responded to public fury after being tracked down by media. An anti-vaxxer who stirred up emotions by ranting against a Sydney cafe owner has said he regrets his actions after he was tracked down...

Anti-vaxxers’ shock tactic revealed

Health care workers are speaking out about the outrageous lengths anti-vaxxers are now going to in an effort to game the system. Anti-vaxxers are reportedly going to extreme lengths to attempt to beat the system, even offering bribes to healthcare staff. With Covid vaccines mandatory...

Anti-vaxxer’s ‘desperate’ ploy for passport

One of Australia’s leading doctors has revealed the “desperate” measures some anti-vaxxers are resorting to for a fake vaccine passport. On the same day that Victoria reached a significant vaccine milestone in the fight against Covid-19, one of the country’s leading doctors revealed how anti-vaxxers...

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