Technical Youtuber Sanchit Shokeen exposes Fake iPhone 12

As per Sanchit there are numerous features that are cloned and it takes an expert’s vision to crack open the fake iPhone model

Today iPhone is more than a mobile. You are standing in a group of six people and if you are the only one with iphone, you will be touted the affluent one. iPhone is now a status symbol. Well with increase in the manufacture and production of iPhones simultaneously there is a market which is churning out good business by keeping people in dark. Imitations of iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max are in demand. They are being sold on popular e-commerce site like Amazon and of course popular accessories markets. One of the noted tech reviewer on YouTube from India commonly known as Sanchit Shokeen alias TechBar has uploaded a video regarding the same. The video is all about fake iphone and how one can trace the difference between a real and a fake iphone.

The video was uploaded a week ago by the title ‘Opening Fake Rs 10,000 iPhone 12 Pro Max, Fake Camera!’ As per Sanchit there are numerous features that are cloned and it takes an expert’s vision to crack open the fake iPhone model. There are so many of fake iPhone 12 Pro Max in the market that looks pretty similar like the real ones. One should be meticulous when buying iPhones from unfamiliar sources. In case you are buying iPhone from used market, authorized dealer, use this video as a guide to find out if the phone you are buying is actually a genuine iPhone or a fake one. Sanchit along with his teammates opened the fake iPhone 12 Pro Max to showcase the audiences the duped features of the duplicate iPhone.

One must understand that the price is a major factor when it comes to iPhone. All the apple items are supremely priced owing to their features, software and brand name. But only a fake iPhone will cost you a meagre 10,000 bucks. The sole goal of these devious iPhone manufacturers is to make a replica of iPhone. Well credit must be given to them as they are now doing it with real grit and talent. With naked eye surely one cannot distinguish the real or fake. One must look at the packaging of the product, the irregularity in the design or packaging of the model will give you an early sense about the authenticity of the product. Genuine iPhone 12 Pro Max has three camera lenses which is identical to the real one. But the striking part about three camera feature is that only one of the lens is in working condition while the rest two of the lenses are stationed to fool the buyers. If one doesn’t know how to open it then the buyer can check the camera quality and the result will be crystal clear. The quality of the photo or the video will be comparatively low. The six minute long video gets into every tiny and peculiar details about the fake iPhone 12 Pro Max and how there are manufacturers who are looting the young generation who is crazy for an iPhone does not matter whether real or fake.

As a responsible YouTuber Sanchit Shokeen came up with this eye-opener. Surprising part about the video is that he is the first YouTuber who has made a video on the topic about Fake iPhones. There is no other Youtuber who did this at the time of uploading. Sanchit’s channel TechBar is gaining popularity and subscribers owing to his responsible, true and honest Vlogging about the technical gadgets. The video received 384,805 views in a week’s time. This is testament of his hard and genuine work.

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