Terror network unearthed in Brisbane: cops

A sophisticated terror network funding violent extremists has allegedly been uncovered in southeast Queensland, with two men arrested by federal police.

The pair were taken into custody on Thursday following a co-ordinated operation in Queensland and Victoria, and charged with foreign incursion-related offences related to funding extremist fighters travelling to Syria, the Australian Federal Police said.

Gabriel Crazzi, 34, from Logan in Brisbane’s south, and Ahmed Luqman Talib, 31, from Melbourne, are alleged to be major figures in the terrorism organisation.

The group was allegedly responsible for financially supporting Ahmed Succarieh travelling to Syria and becoming Australia’s first suicide bomber.

Queensland man Succarieh travelled to the Middle East where he drove a truck loaded with explosives into a Syrian checkpoint in 2013, killing 35 people.

Talib appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday and is facing extradition to Queensland, while Crazzi, a professional dog trainer, is due to face Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday.

The Australian Federal Police will allege the two developed networks in Australia, Turkey and Syria to help Australians enter Syria to join the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra in 2012 and 2014.

AFP Commander Stephen Dametto said police will also allege Crazzi entered Syria and fought with terrorist organisations in 2014 against the Syrian government.

He will be charged with a number of offences, including crimes related to preparing individuals to fight against foreign states.

“What that really involves is providing services and facilitating other persons, in getting into Syria to engage in hostile activity,” Commander Dametto told reporters on Friday.

The AFP said there was no imminent threat to the community in relation to the charges.

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