Twist in TikTok star’s DV battle

Rapper and TikTok influencer Amarni Skaf has faced court after being accused of assaulting her sister in an argument.

Police have been forced to drop a domestic violence charge against Sydney rapper and TikTok influencer Amarni Skaf after the alleged victim, her sister, refused to turn up to court.

A hearing set down for Monday at Hornsby Local Court was abandoned after it was revealed Aisha Skaf had ignored a police-issued subpoena to give evidence against the musician.

Armani Skaf, 23, had faced one count of common assault stemming from an argument with her sibling on March 21 last year.

She pleaded not guilty at a previous court appearance and once labelled the allegations “disgusting” in a clip posted to her followers on social media.

Known for her racy posts and designer outfits, Armani Skaf has amassed more than 400,000 followers across her social accounts, and her tracks gained 1.1m streams on music service Spotify in 2020.

This week she posted a brief video to Instagram of her arrival at court, wearing all black and clutching a coffee cup.

The court was told the rapper, singer and hip-hop dancer had allegedly shoved her sister’s mobile phone into Aisha’s face while she was filming an argument between the pair.

Aisha Skaf told police following the incident that she would not be giving evidence in court and didn’t respond when prosecutors ordered her to attend the hearing via a subpoena, the court was told.

Sergeant Nicole Peacock applied for the hearing to be adjourned to give police more time to convince the complainant to testify against her Insta-famous sister.

Officers had tried to contact Aisha on multiple occasions to ask why she refused to appear as a witness to no success, Sergeant Peacock said.

Magistrate Louise McManus rejected the application. saying she believed police had already done “everything they can” and there was “little likelihood or no likelihood the witness is going to attend court”.

Ms McManus said given the alleged assault was at the lower end of seriousness, and court proceedings had already stretched for more than a year, she was not going to push back the hearing.

“It’s not for a witness to ignore a subpoena,” Ms McManus said.

“Given the less serious nature of the offence and the clear view of the witness … the application for adjournment is refused.”

Following the decision Sergeant Peacock asked to withdraw the common assault charge and an AVO against Amarni Skaf on behalf of Amanda Cook. Ms McManus dismissed both matters.

The court was told that Amarni Skaf no longer lived with her sister and had consented to a six-month AVO preventing her from assaulting or intimidating her sibling or damaging any of her property, without making an admission.

The artist attended court with her father and sat outside for most of the proceedings.

She was called in for Ms McManus to explain the charge and hearing were being dropped before swiftly leaving the building.

The rapper was warned she could face serious consequences, including jail time, if she breached the AVO protecting her sister.

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