Victoria records 28 COVID-19 cases, regional Victoria reopens, 14-day average falls below 50, elective surgery resumes, Australia death toll at 832

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Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer has indicated there could be some flexibility in the rules for moving from step two to step three of easing in metropolitan Melbourne if any new outbreaks at the time were known and contained.

Under the government’s roadmap currently, the threshold to move to the third step of easing that by October 26 the rolling 14-day average for new cases would be less than five cases and there would be less than five cases with an unknown source for the previous 14 days.

“There is going to be a lot of judgement so it isn’t going to be exactly five we’re aiming for,” he said.

“If it was six and the last outbreak was … a closed community outbreak and was in aged care [and] we were pretty sure we had, you know, a ring around it to make sure there weren’t going to be any on ongoing cases then yes we’d be happy with that.

“Similarly if the numbers come down quicker than we hope then we’ll always be happy to look at that again.”

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