Victoria records two COVID-19 cases, Melbourne lockdown 5km rule may be lifted, UK to re-enter lockdown, Australia death toll at 904

The deal is meant to supplement hotel quarantine systems already in place in capital cities around the country, and Mr Morrison said individuals will have to pay for their stay.

“Those who come through will obviously, in the same way that others are paying for their quarantine arrangements, that will be the case there at Howard Springs and that’s at $2,500 for an individual and $5,000 for a family.”

Mr Morrison said there will be a tight level of infection control at the new quarantine centre.

“We [will] have AUSMAT experts in place at Howard Springs to make sure these things are done well, there’ll also be an external audit of infection controls at Howard Springs and that’ll be delivered to the Chief Medical Officer,” he said.

QANTAS is organising flights out of the UK with a list of vulnerable Australians currently in UK who will get the first offer of seats on those flights. There are similar humanitarian flights being arranged out of India and out of South Africa.

“The good news is of the… just over 4,000 Australians who… DFAT identified as vulnerable on 18th September, just over a quarter of those have now been able to return to Australia and we’re making very good progress on ensuring that more and more Australians are getting home,” Mr Morrison said.

“And as those places continue to open up at our major points of entry, when we can get, in particular, Melbourne back online, that will make a big difference and we look forward to that happening as soon as that can.”

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