WA jobs figures rebound, but unemployment rate still lags behind nation

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WA’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped from 8.3 per cent in June to 7 per cent in August, behind the national unemployment rate of 6.8 per cent.

In WA, about two-thirds of people finding work since the height of the pandemic were women.

“The McGowan government’s decision to implement a hard border was clearly important in rebuilding our economy,” Mr Wyatt said.

“There are now 47,000 more people employed in Western Australia than in early 2017 under the previous Liberal National Government.

“While today’s results are encouraging signs for our economy, there is still more to do.”

Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder said unemployment in WA was still worse than the national average and just in front of Victoria, which is in total lockdown.

“There 40,000 more unemployed or underemployed than at the start of the pandemic,” he wrote in a social media post.

According to the ABS, more than 110,000 jobs were created across Australia in August, delivering the nation a surprise fall in unemployment even as Victoria went into coronavirus lockdown, recording an unemployment rate for August of 7.1 per cent.

The ABS’s head of labour statistics, Bjorn Jarvis, said there had not been a substantial change in the participation rate, which measures those in work or looking for it.

“The large increase in seasonally adjusted employment coincided with a large decrease in unemployment of 87,000 people, around 55,000 of whom were female,” he said.

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